Frequently Asked Questions

What is underMRKT?

underMRKT is a web-based service for eBay that allows you to quickly get notifications about new items listed on the site.

Why I need underMRKT?

With the help of underMRKT people buy cars, realty, phones (iPhones), PCs, laptops, collectibles and so on.

Is underMRKT free?

Yes! underMRKT has a free tariff plan with basic functionality.

How can I use underMRKT?

Once you registered & logged in, visit the monitoring page to set up and start your search. Once your search starts running, new eBay listings will appear automatically in your messenger (which you choose as main communication source ).

What kind of searches can underMRKT do?

There are two main types of searches :

— Search for new listings from the selected seller. It is a very useful option if you often buy from a specific seller and want to know for new items instantly*.

— Search for new listings in selected keywords. This option used if you want to know when the specific item was listed on eBay instantly*.

What are the usage limits?

Usage limits depend from the tariff plan you choose :

— Free —  you can follow only 2 sellers & 1 keyword search.

— Starter — you can follow up to 5 sellers ( 60 sec. refresh rate ) and up to 3 keyword searches ( 300 sec. refresh rate ).

— Pro —  you can follow up to 10 sellers ( 60 sec. refresh rate ) and up to 10 keyword searches ( 180 sec. refresh rate ).

What notification options are there for new results?

Currently, the underMRKT support 2 types of notifications when new eBay listings are found. Notifications via Telegram messenger or FaceBook messenger.

How I can stop receiving alerts from underMRKT?

You can just turn off seller\keyword switch on the website. Or if you want to disable our bot in messenger :

— type  /stop in Telegram messenger.

— type  Stop in FaceBook messenger .

Do you still have unanswered questions?

Simply ask on Contact Us form .